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Enjoy a personalised consultation, too

The world is fast-advancing to renewable energy. As your energy partner, we want to ensure that your business has all the support it needs to adapt to this green landscape. That is why our price plans come complete with a personalised consultation, to guide you through this energy transition.

Make it the best price plan

Let our team advise you on the price plan that works best for your business needs and budget.

• Guaranteed discount on SP Group's regulated tariffs, which are subject to quarterly fluctuations
• Greater certainty with guaranteed savings every month

Pro Tip: Monthly guaranteed savings allow for more effective budgeting and financial planning.

• Fixed rate throughout contract
• No unpredictable price fluctuations
• Greater peace of mind

Pro Tip: Price stability protects your business against market volatility. Also allows for more effective budgeting and financial planning.

• Pegs your electricity rate to a formula based on the floating fuel and forex rates
• Enables you to capitalise on moving market prices to maximise savings

Pro Tip: Great for businesses that are able to manage fluid operating costs. You can then monitor and maximise savings energy usage according to the market’s fuel and forex rates.

Opt for renewable energy

Opt for renewable energy

By purchasing energy, your company is indirectly emitting greenhouse gases that will impact the environment. To offset these emissions and improve your company’s ESG performance, we recommend that you add Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to your price plan. 

Add an EV charger for free

Add an EV charger for free

You have our full support in driving a more sustainable future. Enjoy the option of installing one electric-vehicle (EV) charging point at your company’s premises. No fees charged.
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Explore more smart and sustainable energy solutions

Explore more smart and sustainable energy solutions

Whether you are envisioning a greener way to operate your business or just looking at lowering your company’s energy bills, our team will fuel you on with the right solutions. 

Just drop us a note and let’s chat.
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Go solar with SolarShare

Go solar with SolarShare

Is your business switching to renewable energy? It is easy to do so with SolarShare, Singapore’s first-of-its-kind solar energy online trading platform. 
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